Forgotten grandfathers: Newly discovered stories from the Maori men of World War I.

Puawai is a Curator at Te Papa Tongarewa. She took us on a journey discovering the motivations and emotions of the Maori Contingent at Gallipoli, and what she discovered with the help of social media.


Modern lives are longer lives? Why that might NOT be true for you.

Through the story of his own journey to health, former professional golfer, nutritional and health expert Ben helped us discover why, as a society, we aren’t living longer, healthier lives and what exactly we could do about this


Love your children? Keep their enemies close.

From the wilds of Canada, through warzones in the middle east to small town New Zealand, Biologist Dr. Ian G. McLean explained how our ability to adapt our behaviour to whatever threatens us will allow us to survive in the face of adversity.


Still a clean, green New Zealand? Three opportunities to rescue our slipping image.

Do you know how many discarded tyres there are in the landscape of NZ? What happens to your old TV when it goes to the dump? Marty is co-founder and trustee of The Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust (EERST), Chair of the Community Recycling Network (CRN) and is the director of a Tauranga based waste minimisation consultancy Waste Watchers Ltd. His ideas on waste minimisation challenged our perceptions of how we deal with waste in New Zealand.


Daily bread: Can ANY human body handle gluten?

Gluten – friend or foe? Did Dr. Rodney Ford, MB. BS. MD. FRACP, and a pioneer in the field of paediatric food allergies, convince us that nobody is equipped to digest gluten? Through decades of research, Dr. Ford believes that abundant health can be achieved by anyone who eats the appropriate foods.


The three second kiss: Why our future depends on it.

Mindfulness is available to us all. We are losing our ability to relate to one another but with a few simple tools we learnt to reverse this process– We PUCKERED up with development coach Vikki Kelly to rediscover this lost art and improve our relationships with each other.


Learning differently: What if words in every book leaped up and came to life?

How do you go from school drop-out to finding power in seeing words in three dimensions? James Ross is passionate about showing people how dyslexia can be nurtured by teaching 3D learning


Sustainable healthcare for our pets: Why the answer is not in the bag.

Dr. Liza Schneider is a holistic vet. She works hard to help in the pursuit of happier, healthier lives for our pets. Could we learn from these principles and apply them in our own lives?


Down and Dirty: A pile of reasons to fall in love with soil.

Are you a “germaphobe”? We let Agroecologist, Nicole Masters, explain how deeply microbes affect everything about us and learnt why taking action to save the health of our soil offers a wide range of benefits not only to the environment but to society as a whole.



Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Alice Sea has been sweeping her sound waves across our shores since 2008. She used an array of instruments when performing including the didgeridoo, tin whistles, djembe, finger harp, guitar, blues harp, ukulele, flute, vocals & synth.



15-year-old Tauranga singer Calista reached the semi finals in NZ’s Got Talent last year. She has a huge future ahead and wowed the audience with her extreme talent.


Emcee and licence holder for TEDxTauranga.

Over 1 million views on a TEDxTauranga Talk

In 2021 Angela Loucks Alexander spoke on Escaping the Hidden Prison of Auditory Processing Disorder. If your auditory system works like a computer, your ears are the hardware and your brain is theRead more

Latest News Jan 2023

Date – Saturday 16th September 2023 Venue – Bay Arena, Mount Maunganui We’re taking speaker applications and nominations now. We're looking for ideas worth spreading -  New twists on old /Read more

Latest News Dec 2022

After our small 2021 event which provided a unique opportunity to be in the intimate, stunning surroundings of the UoW,  the team has decided to go BIG in 2023.  The venue is secured and we’reRead more

Our final talk is here!

Kia ora koutou! Dr Sandra Clair’s talk is here for your viewing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMuVP6EDdDw). Her game-changing perspective on how Aotearoa could provide an integrated healthcareRead more

We’ve got more talks!

Kia ora koutou! Another week – more recordings! How sweet! We are excited to share Meng Foon’s talk with you (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMVcHOJ0sik) and Angela Loucks Alexander’s talkRead more

TEDxTauranga 2021 speaker videos

We know it’s been a minute since we posted an update. We have some exciting news – some of the recordings are up on YouTube. Check them out and be sure to share it around: Vitale LafaeleRead more

A recount of TEDxTauranga 2021 – RE:Imagine

by Carly Shorter After a long wait, the big day finally arrived. TEDxTauranga has transformed the auditorium of the University of Waikato’s Tauranga campus. With the bright red X standing tall asRead more

Matt Watkins – TEDxTauranga 2021 Speaker

Let’s welcome Matt – another innovative speaker joining our distinguished group! Matt Watkins is the founder of One Earth Technologies, a nascent startup combining 3D printing and recycled materiRead more

Akash Dutta – TEDxTauranga 2021 Entertainer

Aside from all the speakers, we are as excited for the entertainment for our evening – Akash Dutta! Akash is a jazz pianist/composer based in Wellington. He is currently in his first year ofRead more

Meng Foon – TEDxTauranga 2021 Speaker

Made in Hong Kong – born in Gisborne – working for Aotearoa Meng Foon was born in Tairāwhiti to working class migrant parents but soon immersed himself in a community that didn’t look or soundRead more

Dr. Angela Loucks Alexander – TEDxTauranga 2021 Speaker

Our next speaker is as excited as we are for her to be speaking at TEDxTauranga 2021! Dr. Angela Loucks Alexander, Audiologist, has spent 15 years specializing in diagnosing and treating AuditoryRead more

Vitale Lafaele – TEDxTauranga 2021 Speaker

We are thrilled to announce Vitale Lafaele as another speaker at TEDxTauranga 2021! Vitale served in the NZ Army for seven years and the Tamaki Makaurau Police for 30. He rose through the ranks toRead more

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