Latest News Dec 2022

TEDxTauranga is re-launching in 2023!

After our small 2021 event which provided a unique opportunity to be in the intimate, stunning surroundings of the UoW,  the team has decided to go BIG in 2023. 

The venue is secured and we’re returning to the Bay Arena in September. As it takes our amazing volunteer team at least 10 months to put together a TEDxTauranga event of this size, we’ve been active since October discussing processes and streamlining our systems. Our new website is all part of this revamp, more information and the link is below.

We’ll be recruiting team members and actively requesting Speaker / Entertainment applications from January 2023, but if you want to apply now that’s okay and we’ll get back to you next year.

Make sure you are following our social media platforms as these will be firing away with snippets of all the great things we have got going on!

Best wishes,

Raewyn Jones  
TEDxTauranga Licensee

To read the full update and newsletter please follow this link


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