TEDxTauranga 2019: 22 June @ Holy Trinity Auditorium, Tauranga


10AM – 5PM SATURDAY, 22 JUNE 2019
Holy Trinity Auditorium, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga

When you hear, see, or think of a idea worth spreading, what is your reaction? We explore this theme in the next TEDxTauranga event. Join us.


Join us in person at our live event in Tauranga, 22 June 2019. 10 Speakers live on stage, live entertainment, delicious food all day, networking with other awesome humans.
Get your ticket and then spread the word.



We are working through a list of over 100 potential speakers to bring you 10 live speakers on stage in 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive announcements of the speakers we select. Review our speakers page for their details.



Watch TEDxTauranga talks from our previous five events.


Our event on 22 Jun 2019 will be our sixth TEDxTauranga event.  Review our past events, watch the videos, browse the photos, support our partners.


Kia ora and welcome to TEDxTauranga

We believe that TEDxTauranga is an essential part of Tauranga’s event calendar.

Did you know that all of the volunteers are unpaid and it take us 10-12 months to produce just one exciting day. Collectively the team donates over 10,000 hours to give you the opportunity to participate in a day of discovery.

Join us in the audience, sponsor our event, pitch your idea worth spreading to us and encourage others to watch TED Talks online. However you want to help, thank you for engaging.



Another 3 Videos From TEDxTauranga 2019 Now Online

Great news! Ive just updated our 2019 event page with 3 more videos from TEDxTauranga 2019! #8. Leo Murray: "Living with less is living with more: Cocreating a new story for Humanity" Watch: TEDxTauranga 2019 Event Page / YouTube / TED.com...

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First 7 Videos From TEDxTauranga 2019 Now Online

Great news! Ive just updated our 2019 event page with the first 7 videos from TEDxTauranga 2019! #1. James Russell: "Predator Free New Zealand’s bold plan to restore birdsong to Aotearoa" Watch: TEDxTauranga 2019 Event Page / YouTube...

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A Recount of TEDxTauranga 2019 (22 June) “RE:ACTION”

Written by: Claire Piper Another sold out TEDxTauranga is about to begin! Noise? Make it loud. Waste? Make it zero. Middle doors to the auditorium? Don’t use them. Seats you’ve already sat in? Avoid them. 6000 volunteer hours have culminated in an atmosphere brimming...

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Progress Update: TEDxTauranga on 22 June 2019

It's hard to believe it is already May... but the great news is TEDxTauranga 2019 is just over a month away! Have you got your ticket yet? Get yours today and join us on 22 June 2019 for a day full of engaging speakers, live entertainment, and plentiful food to keep...

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