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We're looking for ideas -  New twists on old / visionary or cutting edge? Apply now

Entertainers / Artists - a unique opportunity / try out new ideas / be part of a local show with global reach

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We look for  ideas

which impact our community, our country and the world

TEDxTauranga's Process

What's involved ?

 Application / nomination as a potential speaker received

  • Nomination research to decide if we will progress the idea through to stage 2

#1 An interview to determine the “idea worth spreading”

  • An in-person or on-line interview with a Curation team member.  

#2 A draft talk is requested, presented in person or on-line

  • We have 15-20 potential speakers at this level
  • Some training / coaching is provided

#3 Invited to be on the TEDxTauranga stage

  • Training / coaching is provided
  • Dedicated Speaker team member is assigned to you

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