Speakers & Artists

We have closed our speaker applications for the 2023 event for overseas applicants, however we're still accepting inquires from New Zealand based applicants.

If you think your idea is what we're looking for -  New twists on old / visionary or cutting edge then contact us via the sign up form.
Entertainers / Artists - a unique opportunity to try out new ideas  - pitch them to us!

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We look for Ideas

which impact our community, our country and the world

TEDxTauranga's Process

 Application / nomination as a potential speaker received

  • Nomination research to decide if we will progress the idea through

#1 An interview to determine the “idea worth spreading” with a Curation team member

 #2 A draft talk is requested, presented in person or on-line

  • Some coaching is provided

#3 Invited to the TEDxTauranga stage

  • Training / coaching is provided
  • Dedicated Speaker team member is assigned to you

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