Audience Reactions

“I LOVED the whole day. Such a variety of different speakers and topics. It was amazing listening to peoples stories and ideas and plans and outcomes. Some scary and brave, some uplifting and inspirational. We have been talking about it ever since thinking of ways to tweak our thinking and lifestyle. I loved the entertainment as well. All in all a very thought provoking day.”

“Very well organized, great variety of speakers and a fantastic venue. Not to mention the amazing food (oh so much amazing food) and inspiring entertainment. I’m pleased to have experienced TEDx live and will be looking forward to the next one.”

“I had never been to TEDx and always thought about it. I can’t believe I’ve missed such an event due to apathy! This event was informative, funny and varied. There was something for everyone and I’m now boring all my friends and relatives with details. Well….they’re not bored just full of envy and regret that they didn’t make the effort to attend. Thank you for this event. Oh and the non-attenders also have food envy as I have directed them to the honest platter website. There’ll be many more of us there next time.”

“Have attended one event previously but this latest event was next level! I have already recommended to colleagues in other locations as well as Tauranga. Just great to be part of such a positive event, with the contributions that so many have made voluntarily, and to hear from great speakers who inspire us and challenge us to embrace new ideas and concepts, while sharing their personal experience and learnings with us.”

“Tedx tauranga is a very well organised and run event with great speakers, great food and zero waste. What’s not to like?”

“It’s a very well organised event with an overall positive vibe, where people are perceptive to listen, learn and share ideas and experiences. Its inspirational, thought-provoking and entertaining all-in-one. The venue is perfect for it”

“It blew my mind, opened my mind and fed my mind. It challenged my thinking and brought something to my life that I will remember forever. Consider me a new Tedx fan”

“I found the day to be extremely stimulating. Excellent presentations which flowed perfectly throughout the day. A well organized event which I will recommend”

“This years conference was the epitome of a TED conference, the food was divine, the speakers were entertaining enlightening and downright mind blowing. It ticked every box for a day of ideas worth spreading and I will definitely be attending again! Thanks TEDx Tauranga for a fantastic day :)”
“The event itself was very well organised and you could tell a lot of effort had been put in to make the whole day run smoothly. I was impressed with the set up, especially the variety and range of people that spoke at TEDx. That was my favourite part of the day – walking away with brand new knowledge that I passed on to friends and family.”

“The speakers are knowledgeable in their field and have a passion to share their message which makes each and every one of the speeches enjoyable to listen to.”

“I am a big fan of TEDx in many places. The recent TEDxTauranga was up with the best of the TEDx events I have seen anywhere. I will definitely recommend it to people (and in general all TEDx events).”

“My first TEDX – hugely interesting. Every speaker gave something to think further about. Quite moving at times. Loved them all. THANKU”

“I thought the program was well balanced in that it not only had the technical, but it also alowed expression of people’s passion on subjects close to them. I think the expression of passion on subjects is not only uplifting but can also challenge ones own perceptions”

“The day had a great atmosphere with some entertaining and thought provoking speakers. The event was really well put together with fabulous entertainment and food and gave us the added feel good factor knowing that we were contributing to keeping it environmentally friendly! Overall a top notch day that I thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you!!”

“The speakers topics and content way above my expectations. So enjoyed the entertainment (didn’t anticipate this). Amazed at the free beverages and coffee trucks. The Grazing Table always looks spectacular (I have experienced this previous. I was on my own and just managed to engage with others at breaks I always introduced myself to seating neighbors”

“Fantastic and varied line up of professional speakers. thought provoking and challenging as always. Congratulations to the team.” – Sheena Saunders

“One of the most interesting and inspiring events of my life. Speakers were varied and of high quality. Sheldon Nesdale and his evolving committee throughout the year deserve a massive thanks for urging a classy day together.” – Evan Gee

“Thought provoking and Inspirational” – Fiona Guthrie

“Loved it – so well organised & such good choice of speakers” – Sue Harrison

“Absolutely awesome event!  Well organised and well executed.  Interesting speakers and fun entertainment.  Definitely ideas worth spreading.” – Christine

“ABSOLUTELY AWESOME…20 out of 10!” – Gillian

“What an amazing day – it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you.” – Sue Tighe

“It was nice and informative, I’ve enjoyed the networking opportunities as well.” – Liana Kaledina

“It was a fantastic day.  I really felt that I got more than my money’s worth with a variety of interesting, and inspiring speakers.” – Anna Rogers

“Loved it. Never been before but will definitely come again. Great mix of speakers and ideas, so professionally presented. So social. Great idea to sit somewhere different each time . The venue was comfortable with good views from everywhere and appreciated provision of food and drink. A wonderful experience thank you.” – Sandi Bell

“TEDxTauranga was a highly enjoyable event. Most of the presentations felt close to heart and were touching on contemporary critical issues. The entertainment performances complemented the day well. We need more awareness talks like these and hope that TEDxTauranga will continue on perpetually. Overall, I have gained new perspectives from TEDxTauranga. – Win

“I love my TEDx day each year. As always speakers were great. Organisation great too.” – Patricia Haine

“Absolutely fabulous day, well organized, truly interesting speakers, wonderful food great location etc etc” – Anna Howell

“Cool well organised seminar with a diverse lineup of speakers. Always good to hear new ideas well presented.” – Mike Mee

“It was a great day, the speakers were amazing and the food was delicious.” – Eden Cowley

“Love it! The variety of topics, speakers and content was awesome. Highlights for me was having Rob Weinkove and David Downs in quick succession; their research and stories inspire hope for progress in finding the cure for cancer. Wow just wow. I was also impressed with Danielle Appleton’s call to action; we need to get on to protein alternatives now because dairy is unsustainable. Another great call was Kathryn Berkett’s comparison of screen-time to consuming wine was genius; we need to be conscious about what we’re feeding our developing minds. Lastly there was an epic run of young talent: Olly, Sam and Austin who all demonstrated what happens when you give 100% to your passion.” – Jules Simpson

“Absolutely loved it, great diverse range of topics and performances. A fabulous day and the food, facilities and general running of the event was superb. Will definitely be back.” – Tanya Grimstone

“This was my third experience of TEDx Tauranga and I believe it would rate as my favourite. I was extremely impressed with all the speakers, the entertainment and the variety in the day. Each speaker was exceptional in their presentation, content and passion. I was captivated by them all. One of the best days out I’ve experienced. Sincere thanks to the organisers.” – Karen Pohio

“Loved the day overall. A good range of topics and style of presentations; great MC, and commitment to sustainability. ” – Lipinski family

“Awesomely thought provoking!” – Paula

“Excellent speakers and so well run by the fantastic volunteers” – Patti Armstrong-Gwynne

“Wonderful opportunity to hear and share new and knew knowledge with improving enriching community. I attended with two of my family i ludington my father whom at 93 wantrd to participate although walking with aid of crutches and limited sight and balance. Our care of him was helped at every level entry..seating.sitting for coffee and food. He felt renewed,part of community although tired! Thank you!” – Merrill

“Another great line up of speakers.. I always learn so much… As always I can’t fault the organisation. Thank you all” – Sheryll Buck


Audience Reactions

“Fantastic way to hear inspiring stories in the flesh.” Bryan Winters

“Great day, lots of entertaining and informative sessions. Totally absorbing from start to finish.” Clare Crawshaw

“Thank you for a really awesome day… still buzzing from all the talks given by all the truly inspirational speakers… can’t wait for next year’s event.” Laura

“An inspiring mixture of speakers – made me think about many different issues. A great insight and different perspectives of topics that I am passionate. It was also interesting to learn about topics that I know very little about. All speakers were passionate and engaged the audience. Great variety of food and lovely venue.” Fay Warnock

“The speakers and entertainment were great. Wonderful diverse selection. Well done! The food was tasty and plentiful but a lot of trouble getting a hot drink due to the crowds. I did not like the venue though; not enough parking,the queues for the food were lengthy, not enough toilets. The vestibule was almost impassable when the breaks occurred. If it had been raining and people could not circulate outside during the breaks it would have been a disaster.” – Eileen lewis

“How inspiring are the people we walk past every day in our slice of paradise…and how lucky are we that the wonderful volunteers of TEDxTauranga help shine a light on these marvellous people” – Sonia Tibble

“It was about the most terrifying exhilarating experience I have had in my life. It was intense and professional and made me laugh cry and become frustrated but it was so worth it. I feel so privileged to be part of esteemed adventure. My coach was wonderful brilliant directive assertive but always on the button. She had a discerning ear and invited lots of conversation which got me thinking in a whole different way about the topic. Couldn’t have done it without her she invested so much time and made herself available so willingly it was humbling to have someone as committed to your cause as you are. On the day I was treated like royaltiy constant check ins allowing me to do what I needed to bring myself to the point I could actually get on stage. The audience is magnificent you can feel them so engaged in the process and so wanting you to be successful how can you not flourish in such an environment! An absolute highlight of my life without doubt. The TEDxTauranga team are extraordinary every single one of them amazing people. Having the opportunity to talk to people about what is so significant in your life with people prepared to listen with open hearts and minds is truly to be treasured and I will dwell on this experience for decades!!! The question for me is not why would you do it rather why on earth would you not!”

“Inspiring and informative talks. Inclusive list of speakers. Great auditorium.”

“Was a well informed, well run and enjoyable day, my third time.”

“TEDxTauranga is a great experience and everyone should be there!”

“I loved the variety of speakers. Learnt something from EVERY one. Was overwhelmed with pride for those who spoke about serious issues that they have dealt with all their lives especially physical & mental health. I was inspired by those who were brave enough to share & open our eyes to what happens, what has happened & how to handle their situation & even create new methods for others with similar issues t get help. Maldives time I visited & the suggestion although incredible is possible. All of these people have added soooooo much to our lives. Many Thanks TEDxTauranga”

“Something for everyone, a fabulous day to think outside the square.”

“Most of the speakers were really interesting. Good food. Great atmosphere.”

“Exceptionally thought provoking speakers which make you think, laugh and cry.”

“Exceptional speakers. Well organised event and still felt the personal touch through the email communications prior to the event.”

“I was excited & after attending, proud to be part of such a well organised,international event. I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers & the sense of community. It left me feeling encouraged & filled with hope for the future of humanity.”

“As an entertainer I really enjoyed being a part of TEDxTauranga. Very thoughtful volunteers, organisers and speakers. Kia Ora.”

“It is very stimulating and enlightening. Wonderful to connect with REAL life challenges, knowledge and ideals. Great to attend with people interested, connecting with each other. Time well spent.”

“An amazing day, I loved listening to every speaker. They all had a story to tell and I learnt something from each of them. I will be back next year.”

“Enjoyable and inspiring day. I always get something out of it”

“Great speakers, great food, great venue”

“It was good value. Interesting speakers, lovely food, a good range of topics covered. Very inspiring and food for thought for all kinds of people.”

“Found a very interesting day with very good speakers and the chance to network during the breaks was very beneficial”

“Local, enlightening speakers, great food, loved the venue”

“Fantastic diversity of speakers, thought provoking, inspiring, informing, entertaining – I had a great time!Loved the entertainment and think Will did a wonderful job as MC. To the TEDxTauranga Team – awesome organisation, venue worked perfectly, food was delicious, thank you so much!!”

“diverse speakers and topics”

“Inspiring stories from every day people doing extraordinary things. It makes me want to make more of my life, go out there and make a difference. Thank you TEDxTauranga for reminding me how exciting, interesting and diverse our world is”

“Great day great speakers great food”

“It was a great experience, fantastic speakers, loved the diversity and the snacks. I did feel uncomfortable in an environment that had strong religious symbols. I believed that TEDx talks are an opportunity for free thought, and a space that is neutral supports this.”

“It’s such an awesome day. It was the second time I had attended TEDxTauranga, and I plan to make it an every year occurrence from now on… :)”

“Awesome day, we’ll organised, diverse range of speakers”

“Interesting program- especially talented local speakers and performers”

“Inspiring, educational, beautiful. Can’t understand why every seating the house wasn’t full….will be personally working on this for next year. I was a speaker and my husband kind of came for the day and my daughter to support me My husband particularly made it clear that he didn’t enjoy this sort of thing. They both loved it. The speakers were excellent and they both enjoyed the variety.”

“Fantastic speakers and great community!”

“When time flies you know that you are enjoying the experience.”

“I thought the MC was excellent; the organization of the event was flawless;the speakers were interesting and varied; the food was acceptable for the large crowd;the parking a manageable challenge.”

“Anyone who is keen to learn something new, be entertained, meet new people, and have a good time for a day… TEDxTauranga is the answer.”

“Awesome day with great speakers… inspirational!”

“Really enjoyed the speakers, was inspiring. Loved the little waste that was produced have already recommended to a friend to come with me next year, food was amazing too!”

“Fantastic and diverse event which adds a lot to our community”

“Truly inspiring speakers. Liked the smaller group Easier to speak, not so awed by so many people crushing.”

“Great speakers, great food, great company and everything is organised beautifully. Question and answer page is awesome!”

“The speakers were fabulous.”

“Informative. Great atmosphere”

“Enjoyed the speakers”

“It’s an event that is worthwhile going and it’s locally organised by awesome people!”

“Because everyone should experience TEDxTauranga”

“Very awesome variety of speakers that still keeps me thinking”

“10/10 because there was exposure to 10 speakers with priceless ideas, knowledge and inspiration that I would not be able to tap into, in person, in one day, in Tauranga. Rubbing shoulders with like minded people and eating delicious kai is an added bonus. I walked out a better person than when I walked in.”

“Great food, speakers and good to meet new people”

“It was amazing! Great speakers, awesome entertainment and the people that attend are just cool and so good to meet and talk to”

“Because it is about spreading ideas, across a wide range of topics, which widen ones horizon, educate and provide thoughtful reflection. Being able to discuss with others present, meet new people of like minds is a gratifying experience.”

“It was my first time attending TEDxTauranga. The speakers were inspirational, and the topics were sooo diverse I never found myself getting bored (which I tend do get sitting through meetings). The food was plentiful and catered to all eating requirements. I really enjoyed myself and I will definitely be back next year. I have also been telling everyone about it at work (we were a sponsor) and all my friends and family. Cheers for the great day!”


“I enjoy the variety and stimulation of the talks”


Speaker Reactions

“Thank you so much for the amazing day that you and your team put together. It was an honor to be part of it. I have come away feeling uplifted, inspired and very very proud to be a kiwi. Thank you”– Bronwen Connor, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making this happen. It was such a great event for Tauranga, and there was an irrepressible spirit of curiosity, compassion and community  evident throughout the day.”– David Pattemore, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Can I just say that the highlight of my day yesterday was watching a mum talking about how proud she was of her son!”– Stephen Lethbridge, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“I tautoko what David and Stephen said. And I’m definitely planning to come back next year. :-)”– Catherine Iorns, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“It was a day I’ll never forget. It was an honour and a privilege to work with you all – Thank you.”– Ellis Bryers, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Yesterday was personally liberating and healing.  Thanks to you all for one of the most wonderful days of my life.  I took something home with me from each and every one of you.”– Harold Hillman, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Thank you so much Sheldon for organizing this event. It was such a wonderful opportunity and such a privilege to share with 1000 new friends. To all the other speakers you did such an amazing job and it was a pleasure to meet all of you.”– Jason Edgecombe, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Loved sharing the day with all you lovely speakers yesterday – was so interesting hearing everyone’s different passions and life journey’s – and everyone brought such a unique element and perspective – was a privilege to be a part of it with you!”– Rachael van der Gugten, 2015 TEDxTauranga Speaker

Sponsor Reactions

“TEDxTauranga leaves you feeling inspired, amazed, entertained and engaged, and if you’re lucky, you also leave with a couple of new friends.  I loved being part of this years event and as a result, I have challenged myself to be more authentically me, more culturally aware and a more genuine person as a whole.  Keep it coming TEDxTauranga Team!”– Pip Loader, 2015 TEDxTauranga Sponsor: Tauranga City Council

“Thanks very much, thought it was an awesome event, and should we have the opportunity would be keen at supporting the next one. I personally was very impressed with the organisation of the day, which is credit to all the people involved.”– Lance Best, 2015 TEDxTauranga Sponsor: Voyager Luggage

“We LOVED being involved – Roll on next year!”– Anna Magdalinos, 2015 TEDxTauranga Sponsor: Eventfinda

“Well done Sheldon and team – what a turn out!”– Greg Simmonds, 2015 TEDxTauranga Sponsor: Ignition Co-working Space

Well done and thank you for putting on an excellent event on Saturday. The talks were thought provoking, inspiring and evoked a range of emotions including sadness, anger, joy, happiness and even a little bit of awe. I also think the ‘in between’ bits were also well executed. The entertainment was great and the refreshments were just what was needed.  Bring on 2016!!!– Simon Perry, 2015 TEDxTauranga Sponsor: ZM

Audience Reactions

“What a fantastic day. Thanks to all involved in TEDxTauranga. I’m so proud to be a kiwi. The inventions, research, music, self revelations, and thought provoking talks match any I’ve watched  online from overseas.  What a day!” – Ingrid

“Great day! Was planning to skip off early, but enjoyed it so much I just had to keep watching.  Compelling.  Thanks for bringing the event to Tauranga.” – Edwina Heath

“It was far more than I would ever expected! The sense of openness, community, encouragement and hope was something that everyone could use more of in their lives.” – Anna Schroeder

“From Kiwitanga to Fart free New Zealand via honeybees, worms, brains, human rights, education, inspiration, and soul searching,  what a way to spend a Saturday. My first live TEDx and definitely not my last.” – Adele

“Bloody brilliant! I wish I could capture the emotion and bottle it. Those speakers capture your soul.” – Ian Gray

“My first live TEDx event and it lived up to my expectations. You created something awesome. I loved the authenticity and the intellectual curiosity of everyone there.” – Donne Medley

“It turned out to be much more of an event than I expected. Before the event I read through the listed subject matter and thought that some of the subjects would be of little interest to me. Why would an arts person like me want to learn about soil? However, the enthusiastic presentations worked their magic. The soil scientist, for example, had a most attention getting approach by talking about a tiny tube technology which he later revealed to be the worm. The food, recycling, music and drumming made the event much more than just a series of lectures.” – Raye Catran

“It was an amazing event with a broad range of speakers to captivate the audience.  I loved the brain breaks (drumming/music) and the diverse mix of people. It was also really important to me that the event was sustainable with a clear waste management strategy.” – Stef Beaumont-Gill

“It was an incredible event and experience. The speakers were amazing as well as the entertainment acts. Everyone was so friendly and willing to include anyone and everyone into what was happening.” – Nicole Rickard

“Extremely well run from start to finish. A wonderful sense of community among all present. Intellectually and emotionally satisfying. I felt connected to the human race in a positive and proud way. I am determined to be more authentic and positive about myself and in my actions. Thank-you Sheldon for leading the way.” -Lindsay Muir

“Absolutely loved it, such interesting speakers, loved learning new things and being put right about others; really well organised and great food :-).” – Tracey

“Awesome!!! All of the speakers were different and had different messages but were all great to listen to! The entertainment was awesome swell!” – Kimberley Somerville

“Great diversity of talks, great entertainment program! All in all a perfect night! Thanks !” – Demian Rosenthal

“Meaningful, thought-provoking, engaging and entertaining.” – Lucia Vallely

“TEDxTauranga was my first TEDx event. I found it inspiring and bursting with positives.” – Ian Jacobs

“Superb event! I have booked the 11th July in my diary for next year already!” – Lizzie

“The speakers were all different and spoke with passion. They were inspirational, educational and gave us lots to ponder. I will be looking forward to TEDxTauranga 2016.” – Shona

“TEDxTauranga was a wonderful event. An incredible platform to knowledge and human interaction.” – Susana Vega

“Inspirational!  Great value for money!” – Christine Sadler

“We were ‘Super fans” before attending, however we are now “Super Super fans” after attending a live TEDx event.  Words do not quite describe it, as it was more about the feelings we felt, from the energy displayed throughout the day!  Thank you Sheldon and team for making it an truly awesome extraordinary day!” – Denese Konowe

“Amazing amazing amazing. Well oiled machine that provided me and the 1000 around me with an incredible experience.” – Julie Millar

“I went along knowing very little about TEDx and left feeling the best I have felt in over a year. It woke me up through motivation, knowledge and laughter. When I talk to other people about my experience I become animated and excited, like I’m re-living it all over again. I’ll be coming every year for my booster shot!” – Dana

“What a fantastic, interesting, thought provoking day! Well organised and ran like clockwork…..I would definitely attend again and recommend it to others.” – Gail White

“So well organised. The speakers for the most part were exceptional. I was pleased and surprised to see so many young people present….The environment was dope, super engaging and felt safe and open minded. I’m into that.” – Waiora Te Moni

“An amazing day out, inspiring, interesting and such a buzz to spend a day with fantastic people in the crowd and on the stage.  It’s made extra special by the fact that it’s non profit and organised by volunteers, thank you to you amazing people.” – Julie

“…Love that there are 1006 other people in town who I can discuss the experience with, and that the rest of town I can share with… but they won’t truly understand the experience until they attend themselves.” – Loren

” The day flew by. Such a range of thought provoking speakers, stunning entertainment, gorgeous food. All peppered with excellent conversations among a really interesting crowd of people. Such a great atmosphere.” – Carolyn Dwight

“It was amazing and it was organized so well. I really appreciate all the people that took time to make this happen. The speakers were great, entertainment delightful and food delicious. Worth driving 4 hours to attend :)” – Ruthy

“This was one of the best days I have had for some time. The speakers were very inspiring, the day “ran like clockwork”, the food was superb and all very stream-lined. The percussion session was extremely well done. Thank you for the voluntary time that so many people put in to make this day happen.  It was FANTASTIC.” – Nicky Wilkins

“Inspiring, uplifting, proud to be a Kiwi, and realising to never lose sight of ones dreams!” – Ken Knott

“Work offered to pay for us all to attend TEDxTauranga, it’s not something I would usually choose to spend my weekend doing….We moved around, got involved in all of the activities (the bongos were amazing, getting us involved like that was amazing!!), woofled down the delicious foods and juices and listened carefully to every word the speakers had to say. In the days after TEDx I found myself think more and more about what the speakers had to say and found that with time I found their words and stories even more thought provoking and amazing.” – Hollie

“super-duper-amazingly-fantastic-beautifully-inspiring-best-day-ever!” – Melissa McNab

“A wonderful day and as promised by Sheldon at the beginning,it went all too quickly. The speakers covered a much wider range of subjects than I had expected and I believe that I learned something from all of them. I certainly hope to be there again next year.” – Keith Muir

“What a breath of fresh air to attend this in Tauranga – Auckland is feasible, USA err not so much.  So thank you for bringing it to Tauranga.  Great event, short, sharp, informative speakers …loved the brain stimulation.  I also really enjoyed the zero waste monitoring at this event.” – Mel Cottingham

“AMAZING! Very Inspired! 1st TEDx & won’t be the last! Loved the Bongo drums & amazing speakers. Food was fab too! Thanks Sheldon & team.” – Naomi Freeman

“I love Ted Talks. Imagine my suppose when I heard Tauranga was hosting Tedx – pure joy. – my date (my wonderful friend) told me on many occasions to calm down. Once I got to the venue I was thrilled! It was organised fantastically, the speakers were all authorities in their chosen field. Some weren’t fields I was interested in yet I found myself fully conscious through their talks, still eager to learn.” – Tanya

“You can’t go wrong with a positive, thought providing, inspiring, world changing event like TEDx.  Loved every minute.” – Jay

“Awesome day. Some very interesting speakers. Sheldon has done a great job. hope to be there next year too. Will be watching more and more TEDx videos.” – Mark Rowley

“So pleased I set aside 25 July as a “me” day. What an amazing experience !!” – Cath

“Thank you TEDx Tauranga. I have already marked the Calendar for next year. I found the atmosphere and the open friendliness so refreshing. The management of the 1007 attendees was magical, there was instant quiet without request, the delicious food appeared from nowhere, stunning Talks and simple fun and laughter . The day flew by leaving me feeling so inspired, young and optimistic. We do have people who care and will make a difference.” – Suzanne Robertson

“I enjoyed the day very much as it was not something I had experienced the like of before. I appreciated all the hard work it took to put on the event and that as a student I got such a good discount so thanks for that!” – Jemma

“An amazing experience to have so many interesting people with fascinating ideas together on one day – uplifting and inspiring.” – Cathie

“The whole event was a class act.   Superbly planned and executed. Great timing, brilliant and varied the speakers, great choice of entertainment and selection of videos.  Can’t fault anything.  Food was lovely, and how nice to not have to wait in queues!  Sheldon did a great job in prepping the audience which meant the event ran smoothly and to time. Everyone knew what they had to do to make the day a success, right down to aiming for zero waste.  The tone was set at the beginning of the day, and it continued right til the end.  Awesome.  An absolute credit to you and your team Sheldon.” – Angela

“The speakers were inspiring, the artists were very entertaining and it was great to network with so many like minded people wanting to make the world a better place one idea at a time. We’ll be back next year :-)” – Dave

“Awesome day, great speakers. Came away educated, enlightened and entertained.” – John Bowden

“Fantastic..inspiring…emotional…it all happened at TEDx Tauranga 2015.  I am already counting down to TEDx Tauranga 2016.” – Sonia

“Congratulations Sheldon and team for yet another day of awesomeness with not only inspirational, motivational, and captivating speakers, but first-rate entertainment, the interactive drumming coming as a huge surprise!” – Jill Nutsford

“Thoroughly enjoyed myself ….excellent event. ….definitely be back again next year.” – Andy Collins

“The best day I have spent for some years !! So well organised and run to perfection. I never saw a hickup all day! My brain tingled with things to think about and I hope I will be able to re see each of the presentations in the near future on line.” – Tricia

“Loved every component of participating in TEDx Tauranga. AWESOMENESS.” – Marie Hutchison


Speaker Reactions

“Thank you for the opportunity to speak, it was a truly inspiration experience, and great to meet your amazing crew. Awesome job pulling it all together!”– Nicole Masters, 2014 TEDxTauranga Speaker
“I commend you and am so grateful to you for your courage and vision… You’re definitely making a difference in our community and in the world, thank you.”– Dr. Liza Schneider, 2014 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Congratulations on managing such an awesome event. Everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the TEDx event – me too! I felt honored to be one of your speakers.”– Dr. Rodney Ford, 2014 TEDxTauranga Speaker

“Wahoo! Loved the TEDx experience! Inspiring and mind blowing. Great job crew. Thanks for the invite!!!!!”– Nicole Masters, 2014 TEDxTauranga Speaker

Sponsor Reactions

“What a great experience and event – well done! I thoroughly enjoyed the day/night and just wanted to commend you and your team for a fantastic TEDx show where all of the speakers and performers lived up to their billing.”– Tait Grindley, General Manager at New Zealand Institute of Management Inc.

“As a firm we want to engage with our clients at a deeper level than as a simple service provider. Part of that engagement is the exchange of ideas and interests. By sponsoring TEDx we demonstrated to our clients that as a firm we value the power of ideas to make a difference. As an event it also gave us multiple opportunities to Network with many people on the day between speakers. There was a real buzz in the breaks and striking up a conversation was dead easy. We would definitely recommend sponsoring the event to any business that wants to make a difference and be associated with a diverse audience of all ages , views and backgrounds. The experience at the event was outstanding. It was a very professional event of high quality. A visitor from London said that it was better than a TEDx event she had been to in New York.”– Mackenzie & Elvin – Platinum Sponsor

“Tedx Tauranga was a well organised professional event with many thought provoking speakers. As an organisation SmartGrowth values the same ideas as TEDx and aligns with new and innovative approaches to growth and planning. Highly recommend to be part of as a sponsor.”– Justine Brennan, Smart Growth Implementation Manager

Audience Reactions

“What a fantastic event!!… It was well run; with great speakers and good catering but most of all was the atmosphere and the buzz in the air to be in a room with 500 plus creative, interesting and thinking people. Can’t wait until next year.”– Bernie van der Lee

“Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday, loved it, speakers were awesome.”– Sharon Lambert

“Sheldon was funny and so full of passion. Great range of well prepared thought provoking speakers Entertainment of a high standard. Venue was great and plenty of parking always a bonus. The folk foods and presentation were awesome & quantities seemed spot on.”– Carla Beazley

“Well done, you carried the day in an easy going and entertaining way. I enjoyed the stimulation of different perspectives – putting a bit of music in there helped too.”– Dave Collins, Service Supervisor at Komatsu, Auckland

“The venue was fantastic and getting a good seat was not too difficult. There was the free shopping experience – great giveaways – and the chance to rub shoulders with people before the show got under way. The event started on time – always a plus for punctual me – and your introduction was informative, fun and….. quirky. From the first speaker to the last and including the video talks, the material was always of at least decent acceptable, sometimes superb and occasionally, totally sooooo inspiring. Fantastic, that us GFs were well catered for.”– Murray Maunder

“We had fun, met people, ate delicious food, heard some fantastic ideas from our people that were definitely worth sharing. Robyn and I will definitely plan TedxTauranga 2015 into our diaries and tell lots of our friends to give it a go.”– Robyn Maunder

“TEDxTauranga was a dynamic mixture of real time speakers, new ideas, innovative music, lots of passion and an opportunity to meet great people and discover new adventures for both the body and the mind. The speakers were interesting and committed and for most of them this was a great place to get their message out and get reactions. The day made a difference in all the lives of those present I believe. It did in mine and I am looking forward to working with several presenters and several attendees on new ideas and campaigns.”– Roberta Budvietas, Business Mentor at BUDZ Business Services

“We had a great time with several speakers of direct interest to family and it was particularly satisfying to watch their enthusiasm for all things grow. Lots of buzz all the way home to Hamilton and we are going to have TED video nights once a week.”– Nigel Byron

“#TEDxTauranga amazing today! Learnt what a gluten is”– Jim Grafas ‏‪@jimgrafas, via Twitter

“Wonderful ‪#tedxtauranga event well done ‪@SheldonNesdale !! Looking forward to the next one! “– Tim Nesdale ‏‪@Nez99, via Twitter

“Thanks to ‪#tedxtauranga. A cool ocean breeze of brain food.”Trent Yeo ‏‪@wherestrentnow, via Twitter

“Thank you ‪#TEDxTauranga for new ideas and making me question those I had….. I will never think of CAT in the same way again.”– Louise Miller ‏‪@louise_miller44, via Twitter

“Finishing up at # tedxtauranga so much fun!!”– Sarah-Hope ‏‪@Hopey11, via Twitter

“TEDx was an amazing heartening positive informative day, a much needed antidote to the Fear based NEWS, which seldom features the people taking us to a positive future. The group of speakers and entertainers we had in Tauranga this weekend form part of that positive growing movement. Thanks for bringing TED to Tauranga and including Local issues too.”– Kyle Ashley, via Facebook

“A huge thank you to everyone who worked on, and in this event. It was a huge success. Sheldon and team… I laughed. I danced. I learnt. I had fun. I was inspired. I didn’t cry… Until the very end…when you got teary eyed thanking people. I’d like to add to that… And thank your wife for sharing you with all of us. She must be an incredible woman! PUCKER up guys and I look forward to seeing you next year at TEDx Tauranga.”– Rachelle Sutton, via Facebook

“Thanks for a very enjoyable day, left feeling very inspired can’t wait til next year!”-‪ Sarah Raman, via Facebook

“Sheldon you should be soooo proud of yourself and the team it took to put it together. Without doubt the best day of the year for me so far. A magic mix of information, inspiration, and an overwhelming feeling of kindred spirits there throughout the day. I spoke to so many people I’d never met before.The mix of speakers covered all bases and I found that even if I had a preconceived idea about whether this or that person would be interesting to me, they actually were, because of the way they presented it and their obvious passion about their topic.”– Steph Holloway, via Facebook

“TEDx was an amazing heartening positive informative day, a much needed antidote to the Fear based NEWS, which seldom features the people taking us to a positive future. The group of speakers and entertainers we had in Tauranga this weekend form part of that positive growing movement. Thanks for bringing TED to Tauranga and including Local issues too.”– Kyle Ashley, via Facebook

“TEDxTauranga – Thank you for a great day of “Info-tainment”! I left feeling inspired and energised, with new ideas and some new friends too. Well done to the team for such a great programme and well executed event. Looking forward to next year already.”– Pip Loader, via Facebook

“Really enjoyed attending this event yesterday!! All you organisers did such a FANTASTIC job of putting on a very inspiring thought provoking, high-energy event! Looking forward to the next one!!”– Lorna Kennedy, via Facebook

“Beyond fabulous day, thank you so much. Astounded the way the stories all interconnected on a similar level. Such powerful, thought provoking speakers, original, beautiful music. Loved the ‘shopping on us’ isle, felt like a celeb being able to choose bits and pieces to pop in my bag. Great food, great company, 10/10 to every single person on the team that brought us TEDxTauranga!!! Already looking forward to next year.”– Su-an McMahon, via Facebook

“TEDx allows people with a passion for bringing about positive change to a planet that has separated itself from the natural world, to share their solutions. Sheldon Nesdale, who I would vote for Mayor in a heartbeat and his team of Ted-X disciples, gave us all in the audience, cool kai for thought. It was served up by beautiful minds and beautiful music and it came gift wrapped in a whole lot of love.”– Tommy Kapai, Bay Of Plenty Times

“Changing the world involves spreading ideas locally. TEDxTauranga connects you to that change. Bringing inspiring people to a stage and an audience to whom you’ll find an instant connection.”– Isaac Tanner- Dempsey

“Absolutely LOVED the entire afternoon/evening. The time flew by as we, the audience, were whisked from interesting topic’s to relevant research to new thoughts and ideas. For anyone interested in an injection of inspiration, ‘feel good’ factor, and debate I recommend you participate in next year’s event.”– Jess Somerville, Community Relations Representative at Trustpower

“TEDx was amazing! Well done, it was a treat for the mind and soul!”– Tania Gaborit

“TED is one of the few events that features speakers talking about a diverse range of topics. It’s not the theme of the event that attracts people, it’s the philosophy and the common ideals of the participants that make it such an inspiring experience. And you get to meet lots of new people! TEDx Tauranga was no exception, a fantastically well organised event, very polished speakers and some fascinating topics. Well done team!”– Ben Rickard, via Facebook

“It was a fantastic event. Sheldon was such a warm host, the speakers and singers were inspirational and it made you feel good. Thanks so much to Sheldon and his team of volunteers for giving back in the Bay.”– Cherie Hawkins, via Facebook

“What a wonderful event!”– Kathlene Cook, Community Relations Representative at Trustpower
“The TEDx event in Tauranga was a huge hit. A diverse range of local and international speakers shared a variety of topics. There was and even some singing and dancing…Plans are already underway for a bigger and better event next year.”– TaurangaTech

“I had so much fun, both photographing and listening. Count me in for next year, I’d be honoured to be back!!”– Little Miss Rose (Official event photographer)

“Awesome, awesome, awesome…Beautifully done. Interesting, with no boring bits. Fabulous mix of speakers and the whole thing just looked polished and professional.”– Steph Holloway

“Was pretty excited coming up to Taurangas Tedx talks Saturday just passed. Walked away feeling it was one of the most inpiring things I have ever done. Stuck in an arena for 8 hours and lots of breaks with 500 other people being inspired. Wicked!– Helen Copplestone

“In a nutshell….. I FREAKIN’ LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! I had bought a ticket for my 23 year old daughter as a Christmas present last year, and she said it was the best Christmas present she has ever had! The entire time, I didn’t get bored or fidgety once. I felt so great being in a huge room with 500 other people who love to learn, and think, and make a difference. The vibe was just amazing!The whole day was a feast for my mind, my ears, my taste buds.”– Genevieve White

“Fab event luved it! We were able to meet the speakers, so they became ‘real’. We were a part of an energy-filled space that seemed to just magnify after every speaker.”– Angie Davies

“Positive awakening to see so many ‘open minded’ people in one place – they all brought a great vibe to the room. Of course the MC did a sterling job too.”– Annabel Davies


“Participating in the first TEDx Tauranga was an honour. Being an avid online TED talk watcher, it had never occurred to me that I might have something TED-worthy to talk about. I love learning about new ideas and perspectives and so it was interesting to change my perspective on my own experience. I was definitely inspired and humbled by my fellow speakers and walked away with some serious food for thought. The deconstructed format of the evening fostered interaction between attendees and speakers which made it relaxed and enjoyable and a perfect forum to meet new people.”– Charlotte Yates

“My partner, Lockie Martin, and I attended the Tedx, last night.  It was great!  Well done on getting some interesting and inspiring speakers!”– Carolyn Mooney

“Thank you for organising a fantastic event.  I can’t wait for the next talk.”– Ingrid Booysen

“What a positive experience the first TEDx Tauranga has been. As one of the group that gathered around Sheldon to make the event happen  here I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful  journey. It is also one that I want to continue for as long as I can perform a useful role as part of the fantastic TEDx Tauranga team. If I could find an adjective to describe the experience it would be” invigorating”. I liken it to something I did in April a couple of years ago when I jumped from the back of a yacht into the chilled waters of  Milford Sound – your body is shocked into life , your heart skips a beat and your mind is attuned to the whole experience. Ideas are powerful and story telling is powerful as we learned last night especially from Tommy Kapai. Ideas and storytelling – inspiring us to make ourselves, this community and its people truly “alive” .– Marcus Wilkins 

“It was a great night, good range of people, plenty of energy, positive, great start.”– Greg Sowter

“Congratulations on a very successful event. It was a pleasure to be at Tauranga’s first Tedx”– Lipika Sen

“Sheldon, you and the team around you are stars. TEDx Tauranga was inspiring, the venue and all of the fiddly eventy bits that often go haywire were perfect and if you don’t end up with at least 1500 people at the next one (and July 2014 is WAY too far off by the way so please find an earlier date) then I will be amazed. Thank you for a wonderful evening.”– Brett Roberts

“What a great evening it was, I am really impressed by all the collaboration and project managing to pull off a fantastic event for Tauranga.  I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers, however, I especially enjoyed the networking and meeting a bunch of really awesome people.”– Ellyn Brunskill

“I really thought it was well organised, a great success and the branding was spot on! Good line up of talks too! I am super stoked that this event was in TGA. Keep up the good work! – Rogier Simons

It was a good night out and an excellent effort first round. Food and refreshments were great – of the quality I’d expect coupled with TED event.”– Scott Crowley

“If you want to grow free range kids – feed them a daily dose of Ted-utainment”– Tommy Kapai

I was very lucky to be permitted to watch this round of TEDX, especially when I learn’t that there were 100’s if not 1000’s of disappointed people that missed out. My being there was at the last minute and was due to the kindness of the organisers permitting me to slip in. Nik Gregg my brother was talking on behalf of Sustainability options which we jointly founded about a year earlier.  I had never heard of TEDX until 2 weeks earlier when Nik said it was suggested he audition for.  The experience was amazing, listening to such interesting talks, on a wide variety of subjects, from people that could deliver so well. I think the most important thing was these talk lifted your soul, gave hope, were inspirational. I came back vowing  to listen to more. I search the internet the next morning to see what was available. Wow the positivity that is going on in the world is huge. There is even Ted Talks for kids, I have now introduced a Ted Talk to my kids at least once a week. It shows us that there is never doom, just possibilities. TED Talks is uplifting. Thanks you Sheldon & team for bringing TED to Tauranga and letting me see.– Phil Gregg


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