Audience Member Reactions to TEDxTauranga 2013

Here’s a collection of feedback about TEDxTauranga which was held on Tuesday 30 July 2013 (if you’ve got something to add, do so in the comments section below):

“Participating in the first TEDx Tauranga was an honour. Being an avid online TED talk watcher, it had never occurred to me that I might have something TED-worthy to talk about. I love learning about new ideas and perspectives and so it was interesting to change my perspective on my own experience. I was definitely inspired and humbled by my fellow speakers and walked away with some serious food for thought. The deconstructed format of the evening fostered interaction between attendees and speakers which made it relaxed and enjoyable and a perfect forum to meet new people.”– Charlotte Yates

“My partner, Lockie Martin, and I attended the Tedx, last night.  It was great!  Well done on getting some interesting and inspiring speakers!”– Carolyn Mooney

“Thank you for organising a fantastic event.  I can’t wait for the next talk.”– Ingrid Booysen

“What a positive experience the first TEDx Tauranga has been. As one of the group that gathered around Sheldon to make the event happen  here I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful  journey. It is also one that I want to continue for as long as I can perform a useful role as part of the fantastic TEDx Tauranga team. If I could find an adjective to describe the experience it would be” invigorating”. I liken it to something I did in April a couple of years ago when I jumped from the back of a yacht into the chilled waters of  Milford Sound – your body is shocked into life , your heart skips a beat and your mind is attuned to the whole experience. Ideas are powerful and story telling is powerful as we learned last night especially from Tommy Kapai. Ideas and storytelling – inspiring us to make ourselves, this community and its people truly “alive” .– Marcus Wilkins 

“It was a great night, good range of people, plenty of energy, positive, great start.”– Greg Sowter

“Congratulations on a very successful event. It was a pleasure to be at Tauranga’s first Tedx”– Lipika Sen

“Sheldon, you and the team around you are stars. TEDx Tauranga was inspiring, the venue and all of the fiddly eventy bits that often go haywire were perfect and if you don’t end up with at least 1500 people at the next one (and July 2014 is WAY too far off by the way so please find an earlier date) then I will be amazed. Thank you for a wonderful evening.”– Brett Roberts

“What a great evening it was, I am really impressed by all the collaboration and project managing to pull off a fantastic event for Tauranga.  I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers, however, I especially enjoyed the networking and meeting a bunch of really awesome people.”– Ellyn Brunskill

“I really thought it was well organised, a great success and the branding was spot on! Good line up of talks too! I am super stoked that this event was in TGA. Keep up the good work! – Rogier Simons

It was a good night out and an excellent effort first round. Food and refreshments were great – of the quality I’d expect coupled with TED event.”– Scott Crowley

“If you want to grow free range kids – feed them a daily dose of Ted-utainment”– Tommy Kapai

I was very lucky to be permitted to watch this round of TEDX, especially when I learn’t that there were 100’s if not 1000’s of disappointed people that missed out. My being there was at the last minute and was due to the kindness of the organisers permitting me to slip in. Nik Gregg my brother was talking on behalf of Sustainability options which we jointly founded about a year earlier.  I had never heard of TEDX until 2 weeks earlier when Nik said it was suggested he audition for.  The experience was amazing, listening to such interesting talks, on a wide variety of subjects, from people that could deliver so well. I think the most important thing was these talk lifted your soul, gave hope, were inspirational. I came back vowing  to listen to more. I search the internet the next morning to see what was available. Wow the positivity that is going on in the world is huge. There is even Ted Talks for kids, I have now introduced a Ted Talk to my kids at least once a week. It shows us that there is never doom, just possibilities. TED Talks is uplifting. Thanks you Sheldon & team for bringing TED to Tauranga and letting me see.– Phil Gregg


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