TEDxTauranga 2021 – SOLD OUT

Wow, the team were so excited to see our 2021 event sell out! It’s always an anxious moment when tickets go on sale, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.  

I know that many of you are puzzling over the number of tickets offered and why TEDxTauranga 2021 is a much smaller event than previous years.  

As you may be aware, our long-serving licensee – Sheldon Nesdale – stepped down after the 2019 event. With Sheldon’s departure, the team wanted to keep TEDxTauranga alive and continue delivering the inspiring and engaging events you have come to expect and enjoy.  

After being involved with five previous events, in the Speakers team and latterly Producer, I decided to take on the challenge and I am the new licensee for TEDxTauranga.  

Operating a TEDx event comes with rules and TED, as the parent organisation, stipulates new licensees (like myself) are only able to hold events with a maximum of 100 people. To hold more than a 100-person event, TEDx HQ requires new licensees attend one of a few annual TED-hosted events. These qualifying events are often located in North America and were cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that TEDx HQ intend to deliver an online version of a qualifying event later this year and on completion, I will officially be able to host a 100+ TEDxTauranga event.  

However, despite the limited option available to us back in November 2020, the team and I decided to forge ahead and host an intimate, boutique-style event this year because it was time to revive TEDx in Tauranga. Additionally, with the unexpected nature of COVID-19, we agreed that this also made sense from a logistical perspective.  

I would like to acknowledge the ongoing assistance of our partners, Tauranga City Council and the University of Waikato; and to our 2021 EmCee Shelly Davies, as always, we are only able to continue thriving because of your support.  

For those who missed out on tickets this year, I understand your disappointment and we will miss your energising presence, but please do keep an eye out for us in 2022 because we will be back. 

For those who have tickets, the team is in the final stages of preparation and we look forward to seeing you there.  

Ngā mihi nui, 
Raewyn Jones 


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