The Invisible Leader | Vitale Lafaele

When Vitale found himself in charge of a hostage situation in Auckland, he had two choices – follow orders which he believed would endanger the lives of the hostages or go against protocol and authorize his team to use explosives to save everyone. In the aftermath, his examination of why his team stuck with him when it mattered most, led him to unpack the meaning of true leadership.

Vitale Lafaele served in the New Zealand Army for seven years and the Tamaki Makaurau Police for 30. He rose through the ranks to command the Northern Region Armed Offenders and Special Tactics Group where he led successful tactical squads in some of the most nationally significant events in recent times. Vitale’s leadership journey is fascinating, powerful and always led by deep values.……

Vitale Lafaele was a soldier in the NZ Army for 7 years and served 30 years in Police in Tamaki Makaurau. Vitale rose to the rank of Detective Inspector, Area Commander and commanded the NZ Police Armed Offenders and STG Counter Terrorist Group.

Under his leadership, tactical squads were deployed in some of the most nationally significant events in recent times such as the Napier siege, Urewera anti-terrorist raids, and the highly publicised New Lynn hostage rescue, the only explosive entry in NZ Police history.

Vitale’s leadership journey is fascinating, influential and powerful and he sums it all up in one simple word – “Values”.