Write like a Reader | Shelly Davies

We don’t like to read the formal business voice. But somehow we still feel the need to write it. Come on, people! Reconnect with your reader-self. That formal business voice is DEAD. Shelly Davies, Head Ninja & Rockstar Writer, lives in the Tron aka Hamilton New Zealand.

Shelly Davies is Managing Director of Hamilton-based Shelly Davies Writing & Training. Shelly bounced unconventionally and entertainingly into the New Zealand communications landscape in 2012. With a brand that’s exploded across a surprising mix of sectors and industries she’s now leading the pack. “Brand Shelly” is out of the box, bubbly and pretty damn irresistible. Shelley’s training sessions are high energy, instantly impactful and booked up to two years in advance. Shelly did her time in the classroom torturing teenagers and indoctrinating university students with academic conventions. She killed off one husband, trained up another and popped out three money-sucking vampires. And then she discovered something amazing: good writing PAYS and like common sense, it ain’t common.