Engineering my Struggle – A First World Problem | Shama Sukul Lee
Shama Sukul Lee

Feed the World! A slogan, a Song and a Movement started by Bob Geldof in response to the images he saw of starvation, particularly of children, in Ethiopia, in 1984. 32 years on, the question remains – just how are we going to feed the world’s people? Fast forward to 2013 and successful IT professional Shama Sukul Lee embarks on a very personal quest to find fulfillment. You ask what is the connection?

A software programmer turned food tech entrepreneur, Shama Sukul Lee is re-imagining the high protein food system to make meat directly from plants with her innovative start-up Sunfed® Meats. Her mission is to evolve meat production to a cleaner, safer and more efficient model without compromising on taste and nutrition. Her mantra is to disrupt meat, not the environment. A workaholic by nature, Shama unwinds through outdoor adventures with her dog Khush and loves to get lost in a good sci-fi novel.