The 600 million year old technology beneath our feet | Dr. Michael Quintern

Michael received his Diploma in Agricultural Engineering (Dipl. Ing agr) in 1993 from Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany, and his Doctorate in Agriculture in 1997 from University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany.

He was working as assistant professor in the field of land utilisation of organic waste-to-land, on organic (and conventional) managed farms until 2006.

He carried on his international career as senior scientist at SCION, Rotorua, New Zealand and was the Technical Manager of the New Zealand Land Treatment Collective until 2009. Michael developed industrial vermicomposting technologies for primary industries and municipal organic wastes in New Zealand. In 2015 the 4 vermicomposting operations diverted 150,000 tonnes of organic wastes from landfills.

Michael is responsible for research and developing of future technologies for utilisation of organic wastes. Michael’s passion are soils and he believes in sustainable soil management.