The Kiwi answer to Pain Management | Michael Jones

It’s a condition of concern, of physical pain; to yourself and to others. How do you really gauge what another is experiencing? What should you do about it? These are the questions that doctors must answer quickly and effectively, every day and every hour that they’re on duty. Mike Jones is amazed at the stoic nature of Taranaki farmers whom he treats as they pass through the ED’s where he is practices Emergency Medicine. In his talk, Mike discusses the effect of circumstances on your perception of pain. It’s a fascinating tour from exclusive private clinics to remote Afghanistan.

Dr. Mike Jones has spent the past 16 years practicing medicine in emergency departments across the globe: from trauma centers in New York City to military hospitals in Afghanistan and Germany; and now to his current position at a public hospital in New Plymouth. A man of deep faith and a committed medical scientist, Mike loves spending time with his wife and six children, as well as fly-fishing and climbing mountains.