The First 1000 Days | Johan Morreau
Dr. Johan Morreau

Children have been in Johan Morreau’s life for many, many years. As a paediatrician he’s seen it all, through the good times and bad. Softly spoken, but vehement in his approach to bring about change so that every small person has a chance to grow up full of wonderment, unafraid of life, and empowered to achieve their full potential. That’s what a fully developed brain does for you. How hard can it be?

Dr. Johan Morreau has been a hospital based child health medical specialist (paediatrician) in Rotorua, New Zealand since the end of 1983. In this time he has also held a range of senior medical leadership roles both nationally and locally. This experience has enabled him to develop a keen understanding of the relationship between Government policy and delivery of care; and to pose some interesting and challenging population child health questions.