Fagogo – An Extra-ordinary Story, Aue! | Jody Jackson-Becerra
Jody Jackson-Becerra

How wonderfully soothing it is, listening to a story. You can let the words wash over you and allow images to enter the mind. You can choose to engage or to be completely passive. The story may have a subtle message and, if you let them in, lessons can be learned. Jody Jackson-Becerra weaves her magic, using a traditional Pacific Island story told to her by her grandmother. But wait there’s more! You didn’t think it would be that straightforward did you?

Jody left her large family and island lifestyle in Samoa to pursue educational dreams; attaining her Masters in Management Studies (Management and Sustainability) from the University of Waikato in 2010. Jody believes that education is key to empowering communities; and in engaging and motivating children through storytelling, a tradition she was taught as a child. Jody is also passionate about creating artistic traditional headpieces and wearable art.