Phages: nature’s ninjas in the battle against superbugs | Heather Hendrickson
Dr. Heather Hendrickson

We humans think we’re the top of the food chain, yeah nah! Without the benefit of “good” bacteria in and around us, we’d be dead. Meanwhile, ‘bad’ bacteria are systematically killed off with antibiotics. Trouble is that strategy isn’t going to work much longer. Without new therapies to enable the control of life threatening bacteria, we could be facing deadly consequences from a mere scratch. Heather Hendrikson gives us hope for the future.

Dr. Heather Hendrickson and her lab at Massey University in Auckland study various aspects of how bacteria evolve and exchange genetic material. She also goes on “phage hunts”, isolating and studying novel bacteriophages from New Zealand that are able to infect a wide range of bacteria. Heather enjoys talking about science. When she is not talking about science she is sometimes singing in her band “The Rulers of The World”. She owns, but does not yet really play, a Moog Theremini.