The Hijab as a Political Instrument | Donna Miles-Mojab
Donna Miles-Mojab

Donna Miles doesn’t wear a hijab and probably neither do you, or many of the women you know. But women across the globe are forced to cover their heads or; on the flipside, are forced not to cover them. In New Zealand’s open society would we ever pass a law requiring a nun to remove her habit? Probably not. Donna’s keen observations open the door to understanding.

Donna Miles-Mojab is a British-born Iranian New Zealander interested in activism and promotion of justice, democracy and human rights. Donna worked as a senior mathematics lecturer in the UK before immigrating to NZ as a young mother and is now a successful blogger and published contributor on subjects relating to Islamophobia, Middle Eastern Politics, refugees and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Donna’s favourite pastime is strolling through food markets, visiting art galleries and enjoying the magic in the mystic poems of Rumi.