Escaping the Hidden Prison of Auditory Processing Disorder | Angela Loucks Alexander

If your auditory system works like a computer, your ears are the hardware and your brain is the software. Even when the ears hear normally, errors in the software (the processing) can interfere with understanding or remembering what was heard. This is called Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and often leaves sufferers feeling isolated and disconnected. Of the approximately 6% of the population struggling with APD, most don’t even know it’s a disorder. The good news is that with specialised audiologist help, dramatic improvement in auditory processing is possible.

Dr Angela Loucks Alexander, Audiologist, has spent fifteen years specialising in diagnosing and treating Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), a hearing difficulty with less to do with the ears and more to do with the brain. Despite significantly affecting potential and well-being, many of those affected are unaware of the condition, let alone their treatment options. Angela is the host of Between Two Ears podcast and founder of the Auditory Processing Institute, where she trains audiologists and speech-language pathologists to provide APD services. She has also created an online, searchable map to help clients find the help they need.