What are you up to this weekend?

Hopefully something, exciting, engaging and life-changing…

If not, we’ve got just the thing that ticks all of the above boxes!

TEDxTauranga 2019 is on this weekend!

That’s right, the week is finally here. On Saturday 22 June TEDxTauranga 2019 will be kicking off.

It’s your last chance to get tickets, but you’ll need to get in quick! With only 40 tickets left (out of 700), TEDxTauranga is going to be packed full of people, and you’ll want to be one of them!

At just $89 per person ($69 for Students), it’s the perfect price for an experience that will connect you with brilliant people and engage your mind in ways you’d never imagined.

Buy your tickets today: For TEDxTauranga 2019


10. When, Where, What, Who, Why?

So many questions, so little time!

Luckily there is enough time to jot down all the info you need to know about TEDxTauranga 2019 – so you can enjoy the day and be fully prepared to expand your mind!

  • When: Saturday 22 June 2019, 10am to 5pm
  • Where: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • What: 10 live speakers on stage + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day
  • Who: Have you checked out the amazing line-up of speakers we have in store for you? From the weird, wonderful, and downright impressive, we’re ready to feel all the emotions and be inspired to change the world for the better!
  • Why: There are so many reasons why, I can’t list them all! Come and be a part of something bigger, hear real stories from real people with extraordinary ideas and spark conversations with the many diverse and fascinating people in our community.

9. It’s Coffee O’Clock

Ahh… nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning. Or all day for that matter. That’s why we have barista-made coffee available throughout the day – you can get your caffeine fix for about $5 per coffee.

We also have free refreshments available inside our doors all day long, including tea & filter-coffee.

Make sure you bring your reusable keep cup so you can keep the caffeine coming without harming our planet! But don’t worry, there will be recyclable cups available if you don’t have a keep cup on hand.

And don’t forget about the all-important food! Delicious grazing tables will satisfy your every sweet and savory craving during our three breaks. We can’t wait to fill our minds, and our tummies, with goodness!

8. Sustainability Worth Spreading

As much as TEDxTauranga 2019 is all about ideas worth spreading, we’re also all about spreading sustainability.

We only have this one world after all, and we gotta do our best to look after it.

That’s why we want to encourage you to do your bit along with us.

We are determined to create zero waste for landfill this year!

Some of the things you can do:

  • Car pool: How are you getting to TEDxTauranga 2019? We all know the pains of parking in Tauranga. How about partnering up with some pals and coming together in one car? It’s better for our environment, you can have some good chats on the ride there and some even better ones on the way back, and there’s less stress finding a park! It’s a win-win-win!
  • Alternative transport: There are plenty of other options to make your way to TEDxTauranga 2019 at Holy Trinity Church. Bus, walk, scooter, or bike, it’s up to you!
  • Bring a keep cup: Keep cups are practical, they look good, and most importantly, they decrease the waste we create to get our caffeine fix. Please bring yours along if you can.
  • BYO drink bottle: You’re not thinking if you’re not drinking water. The good stuff that keeps us alive can be refilled all day at TEDxTauranga 2019 – just make sure to bring your own bottle.


7. Parking

There are 40 on-street parks around Holy Trinity.

As we are expecting about 750 people to attend, we recommend either looking at the alternative transport options mentioned above or parking in a Tauranga City Council parking building. They are free on weekends—woohoo! Check out all the parking buildings here: http://www.tauranga.govt.nz/Portals/0/data/living/parking/files/cbd_parking_map.pdf

6. Drum Roll Please for the Final Two Speakers…

#9. Olly Hills

Olly Hills is a 12-year-old entomologist from Hamilton who wrote a field guide to the New Zealand cicadas when he was just 10 years old.

He has appeared in a season of “Fanimals” television shows on TV2 in a special segment called “Bugs with Olly” and was an invited speaker at the 2018 Entomological Society of New Zealand conference.

Olly has an infectious love of all insects and nature that he loves to share with others.

#10. Danielle Appleton

Danielle Appleton is helping emerging food technology companies carve out a better future for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Danielle used a decade of experience improving processes in the dairy industry to co-found dairy and alternative-dairy startups KiaOra Milk and Evolution Meadows. She currently works out of Level Two Innovation Hub, NZ’s most successful deep-tech incubator, and is incredibly passionate about the Future of Food.

She’s pushing NZ to adopt new food technologies, but not for the reasons you might think.


And that’s all the speakers! Such a varied mix of ideas, experiences and stories, all live on stage, and all ready to amaze, astound, surprise and delight you! You can check out our full speaker line-up here.

5. Schedule for the Day

It’s a full day of inspiring talks and energetic entertainment. But with lots of breaks in between, you can absorb it all and get a chance to meet some of the amazing people in our community who’ve come along too! Check out the day’s schedule below:

  • 10:00am: The Beginning
  • 11:25am: Early Lunch
  • 12:45pm: Session #2
  • 1:40pm: Break
  • 2:15pm Session #3
  • 3:00pm: Break
  • 3:45pm: Session #4
  • 4:30pm: Networking and the End

4. Download the TEDxTauranga App

Download the TEDxTauranga App to have for all our event details in your pocket, ahead of the event, and on the day:

  • Speaker profiles
  • Schedule for the day
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sponsors details
  • Our Twitter stream
  • Upload your own photos
  • Meet the TEDxTauranga team




3. Exclusive Lexus Hybrid Test Drive & Chelsea Winter Cookbook – Just for You!

Here at TEDxTauranga, we love anything that is more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

It’s just another reason why we love one of our key sponsors Lexus. Their self-charging hybrid electric systems reduce harmful gas emissions to levels that are significantly lower than many international standards.

Lexus is offering TEDxTauranga 2019 attendees a test drive at their Hybrid Test Drive Day on Friday 12 July. If you book a spot, you’ll also receive a FREE signed copy of Chelsea Winter’s best selling cookbook Eat.

Eat is packed with dishes that are destined to become new favourites in your household, plus a collection of sides, sauces and sweet treats. No complicated instructions or hard-to-find ingredients, just real food with real flavour made with love. Yum!

Keen to take a drive? Lexus will pick you up from your place of business or from your home – but get in quick, as place are limited.

Book your exclusive test drive (and free signed Chelsea Winter cookbook!) today!


2. Three Ways You Can Help Us

It’s all on this weekend! Don’t let your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours… basically anyone, miss out! Let them know there’s less than 40 tickets left and they’ll be selling quick.

  1. Can you help us spread the word?
  2. Know someone who would love to join us for TEDxTauranga? Send them to our email subscription page so we can keep them informed
  3. Got a birthday coming up? Tickets to TEDxTauranga make great gifts for thoughtful people and are also an excellent way to reward staff or host clients. Buy a unique gift today, or tell your boss / HR Manager how keen you are to go!


1. Thank You To All Our Amazing Sponsors

  1. Powerco www.Powerco.co.nz
  2. TECT www.tect.org.nz
  3. Simpson Grierson www.SimpsonGrierson.com
  4. Tauranga City Council www.Tauranga.govt.nz
  5. Bay of Plenty Times www.BayOfPlentyTimes.co.nz
  6. The Hits www.TheHits.co.nz
  7. The University of Waikato www.Waikato.ac.nz
  8. Lexus www.Lexus.co.nz
  9. Priority One www.PriorityOne.co.nz
  10. Toi Ohomai www.ToiOhomai.ac.nz
  11. Comvita www.Comvita.co.nz
  12. Reid Design www.ReidDesign.co.nz
  13. Datacom www.Datacom.co.nz
  14. Bluelab www.BlueLab.co.nz
  15. Mailchimp www.MailChimp.com


See you soon!


Sheldon Nesdale
Licencee for TEDxTauranga 2013 – 2019