We are looking for performers for our next event.

Can you help us find them?

Send them to www.tedxtauranga.com/tedxfactor to find out more and apply.

Applications are now open to perform on the TEDxTauranga stage on 22 June 2019

Applications close Sun 15 December 2018.

Did you know that the “E” in “TED” stands for “Entertainment”?

That’s how important entertainment is to an event like TEDxTauranga.

We will have 10 live speakers on stage + 2 or 3 live entertainment acts during our next event on 22 June 2019.

In the past we have had:

  • Kapa-haka
  • Percussion/drums (everyone in the audience learnt how to play the drums together)
  • Hoola-hooper
  • 2-piece bands, 4-piece bands
  • Solo singers
  • Sand art telling local stories
  • Childrens choir
  • Spoken-word poetry

So who do you know that can sing, or dance, or perform, or entertain, in a group, or solo?

An act that could wow our audience of 750 people?

Forward this message to them and encourage them to put a demo video together and apply online for TED-X-Factor before the deadline!

The Selection Process:

  1. Record a demo video of your performance and upload it to YouTube
  2. Submit your application using the form provided below (applications close Sun 9 Dec 2018)
  3. Sun 9 Dec 2018: Applications close!
  4. We will review your application/video over the xmas holidays
    • Selected? Congratulations, we will be in touch to book you in for a live demonstration
    • Not selected? We will let you know via email, please don’t be disheartened!
  5. Your performance at the live demo day: Sun 17 Feb 2019 at a venue yet to be determined (either the Mauao Performing Arts centre, or Our Place in the CBD)
    • Selected? Congratulations, you will be performing live at TEDxTauranga Sat 22 Jun 2019. It’s time to practice, practice, practice
    • Not selected? We will let you know via phone, please don’t be disheartened!
  6. Your live performance at TEDxTauranga Sat 22 June 2019 for an audience of 750

Thank you in advance for helping us find them.

Send them to www.tedxtauranga.com/tedxfactor to find out more and apply.

Thank you to our 2019 partners

TEDxTauranga would not be possible without the support of our generous partners.

#1. Powerco


Powerco are connectors. They connect your homes and businesses with electricity and gas and now they are back to connect you to our event with their sponsorship, thanks Powerco!

#2. Tauranga City Council


Is managing our city’s phenomenal growth by providing and maintaining infrastructure; delivering efficient services to our communities; and investing in Tauranga’s future, while managing rates and debt. We appreciate their investment in events like us that inject new ideas and vibrancy, thanks TCC!

#3. Bay of Plenty Times + The Hits

The Bay of Plenty Times and The Hits radio station are long-term supporters of TEDxTauranga and we are grateful, thanks NZME!

#4. Priority One

Our newest partner on board is Priority One.

Priority One is tasked with the economic development of Tauranga. Basically, that means they want Tauranga to be a better place for all. Sound familiar? It should because TEDxTauranga shares those exact values! No wonder we’re such good friends 🙂 Thanks Priority One!

We are still looking for additional sponsors, so if your business would like to align with our event reach out to our Partnership team lead: