Hello TEDxTauranga fans!

I’m excited to provide you with this update on TEDxTauranga 2019.

Quick Facts About TEDxTauranga 2019:

  • When: Saturday 22 June 2019, 10am to 5pm
  • Where: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • What: 10 live speakers on stage + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day
  • Cost: To-Be-Determined (discounts available for students and seniors)

Who Will Be Speaking At TEDxTauranga?

We have been working through a list of over 100 potential speakers and we are very excited about the selection we are now working with, we hope to be able to announce some names and topics soon.

In the meantime, we have reserved a few spots for Technology and Design speakers, so encourage them to apply, or nominate them yourself.

Some of our speakers from 2017:

Your Chance To Star On TED-X-Factor

Did you know that the “E” in “TED” stands for “Entertainment”?

That’s how important entertainment is to an event like TEDxTauranga.

We intend to have 3 live entertainment acts during our next event on 22 June 2019, and we thought it might be fun to turn our search for entertainment into an event of it’s own.

We’ve called it “TED-X-Factor”, clever huh?

We have just opened applications: TEDxTauranga.com/tedxfactor/

In previous events we have had:

  • Kapa-haka
  • Percussion/drums (everyone in the audience learnt how to play the drums together)
  • Hoola-hooper
  • 2-piece bands, 4-piece bands
  • Solo singers
  • Sand art telling local stories
  • Children’s choir
  • Spoken-word poetry

So as you can see, the diversity is huge and creative.

Do you know a solo or group act that would wow our audience of 750 people?

If so, encourage them to put a demo video together and apply online for TED-X-Factor.

Our 2019 Venue: Holy Trinity Auditorium

We are returning to the Holy Trinity Auditorium, near Tauranga’s central business district for our 2nd year, yay!

Such an amazing space which offers an enormous stage, comfortable seating with an excellent line of sight, excellent acoustics and lighting.

Our First 3 Sponsors / Partners

We’ve had 3 new sponsors come on board in the last few weeks, hooray!

Did you know our event / organisation is not-for-profit and entirely run by volunteers?

As per the TED rules, none of our team is paid, neither are our speakers or even the entertainers!

About 50% of our funds come from ticket sales, and 50% from sponsorship, and 100% of that is put into the event each year (venue hire, audio/visual, videography/photography, setup and catering).

You can thank our sponsors for keeping our ticket price to around $100 whereas other TEDx events in New Zealand and overseas can be $200!

#1. Powerco


Powerco are connectors. They connect your homes and businesses with electricity and gas and now they are back to connect you to our event with their sponsorship, thanks Powerco!

#2. Tauranga City Council


Is managing our city’s phenomenal growth by providing and maintaining infrastructure; delivering efficient services to our communities; and investing in Tauranga’s future, while managing rates and debt. We appreciate their investment in events like us that inject new ideas and vibrancy, thanks TCC!

#3. Bay of Plenty Times + The Hits

The Bay of Plenty Times and The Hits radio station are long-term supporters of TEDxTauranga and we are grateful, thanks NZME!

#4. Your Brand Here?

We are still looking for additional sponsors, so if your business would like to align with our event reach out to our Partnership team lead:

5 More Ways You Can Help

  1. Who could you reach out to today to encourage them to join us for TEDxTauranga? (Send them to our email subscription page so we can keep them informed)
  2. Invite us to your office to do a short presentation about TED Talks & TEDxTauranga?
  3. Spread the word via email / Facebook with shareable text and images from our Help Out Page
  4. Share our TEDxTauranga videos from previous years
  5. Start a daily habit of watching videos on TED.com to fill yourself with ideas worth spreading

Thanks in advance for your help!


Sheldon Nesdale
TEDxTauranga Licencee 2013 – 2019