Would you like to join the TEDxTauranga team this year?

Our mission is to change the lives of 750 people on Saturday 22nd June 2019 (next year) with TEDxTauranga.

There are 20 of us involved so far, but we’ve identified the following 13 specific roles that we need help with.

2 x Sponsorship Roles

Could you fill one (or more) of the following Sponsorship volunteer roles?:

  1. Sponsorship Team: Deputy Leader
    • Help coordinate a small sponsorship team of 3 or 4 volunteers
    • Take responsibility for several potential sponsors, contact them, submit a proposal, follow-up, and work with them to get a sponsorship deal
    • Once the deal is made, keep in touch with them right up to our event to ensure they get value for money for their sponsorship
    • This role involves phone calls and meetings during normal working hours so may best suit a self-employed marketing person (or someone with a very supportive employer)
  2. Sponsor Liaison
    • Liaise with sponsors / sponsorship team to maximise our exposure to their networks and ensure they get value for money for their sponsorship

Sound good? Apply below.

9 x Marketing Team Roles

Could you fill one (or more) of the following Marketing volunteer roles?:

  1. Marketing Team: Deputy Leader
    • Help coordinate a marketing team of 10 – 20 volunteers
    • Help drive the various marketing projects forward
  2. Blog / Email Communications Specialist
    • Plan and write content for our blog and email database (~12 articles / emails)
  3. Media Liaison
    • Liaise with our media partners for media releases and interviews
    • Introduce our speakers to the media as we select them
    • Pitch to journalists with ideas for news stories about us
    • Set schedule, placement and content of in-kind advertising offered to us
  4. Marketing Material Coordinator
    • Write content for all Flyers, Posters, Billboards, Advertisements
    • Arrange graphic design of marketing material
    • Organise quotes, order printing, organise distribution and billboard locations
  5. Graphic Designer – Position Filled
    • Create our graphics for web and print
    • Social Media Manager – Position Filled
    • Manage our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms
  6. Group Presentations Coordinator
    • Identify Tauranga’s biggest employers and groups (Lions, Retirement Villages, Rotary, Networking groups etc)
    • Seek invitations from these groups and employers to make short presentations about TEDxTauranga to these audiences
    • Collect email addresses at these visits
  7. Volunteer Coordinator
    • Enroll a group of students / volunteers to pin up flyers/posters in CBDs (including out of town)
    • Organise locations, set targets
    • Arrange printing and distribution
    • Coordinate volunteers
  8. Online Presence Coordinator and TEDxTauranga Webmaster
    • Become members of our list of Tauranga-based Facebook groups (and find others), and post occasional updates about TEDxTauranga
    • Work through our list of websites that list local events and add our details
    • Keep the TEDxTauranga website up-to-date with our list of speakers, sponsors and team members

Sound good? Apply below and I’ll invite you to find out more at our next Marketing team meeting:

  • 7.00pm to 8.30pm Tue 12 Jun 2018
  • at The Tauranga Club (Level 5, Devonport Towers, 72 Devonport Rd, Tauranga)

2 x Operations Team Roles

Could you fill one (or more) of the following Operations volunteer roles?:

  1. Event Coordinator
    • In past years we haven’t been able to run a pre-party the week before, or an after-party on the night because our to-do list was long enough already and we didn’t have spare funds to make them happen
    • Perhaps you’re the kind of person to make either or both of these projects happen?
  2. Entertainment Coordinator
    • Discover local or Bay of Plenty based, or NZ based entertainment acts for our stage
    • Shortlist your favourites and present them to the leadership team for selection
    • Coordinate and communicate with the chosen entertainers right up to the event

Sound good? Apply below.

Which of those roles sounds like you?

If not you, then go ahead and email them a link to this page to help us find someone who might be keen.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. Fill in the application form below and indicate which role(s) suit you best
  2. I’ll give you a quick call to answer any questions you have

5 things you need to know about us:

  1. We put in 2 to 8 hours per week each
    • We’ll be working together on this event for the next 12 months
    • The time you volunteer for this project is completely up to you
  2. We ask for help when we need it
    • If you take on a task, we ask that you simply complete it when you said you would or hand it back to your team leader to reassign
    • Never be afraid to ask for help at any point
  3. We love to get together often, usually twice a month
    • 3rd Tuesday of every month (5.30pm): The whole TEDxTauranga team gets together
    • One Tuesday a month (7.15pm): Our marketing team meets in person (or via Skype)
  4. We generate a lot of email
    • It can overwhelm some people
    • But our situation has improved now that we are using BaseCamp software
  5. We don’t get paid for this
    • None of us do. Not even the speakers or entertainers!
    • We all do it for reasons like:
      • Contributing to something awesome
      • Learning new skills
      • Learning about yourself
      • Making 30 new friends instantly
      • Making new business connections
      • Changing the world
      • etc etc 🙂


Apply to join the team

Fill in the following application form and indicate which role(s) suit you best.

    What is you favourite TED Talk and why?

    Are you a morning or a night person?

    What suburb do you live in?

    How many hours per week are you prepared to contribute?

    How do you think you can help? What else would you like to say about yourself?

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