Because TEDxTauranga is a premium event our ticket price is out of reach for some people.

That sucks because we are all about diversity and we don’t want price to be a barrier to stop people enjoying our event with us.

That’s why we are offering “Pay it forward” tickets (an idea we stole from TEDxWellington!).

Here’s how it works:

You buy a “Pay-it-forward” ticket for $198 and you’ll receive one place for yourself, while gifting a seat to one of our fantastic chosen charities (listed below) who will pass it on to a deserving member of their targeted community.

Get your TEDxTauranga fix and feel the warm fuzzies, all in one go!

1. Bellyful Tauranga: Bellyful is a charity providing meals to families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness.

2. Avalon Tauranga: Avalon is a charitable trust, that works alongside disadvantaged individuals in the Bay of Plenty, to enhance their knowledge, skills and capacities, reducing barriers to inclusion and supporting the development of valued roles, enabling them each to life an ordinary life of their choosing.

3. Young Innovator Awards (Tauranga): The Young Innovator Awards (YiA) is a local awards programme for students in Tauranga/Western Bay of Plenty to promote innovation.  Each year they Intermediate / Secondary School students to build inventions and generate ideas for innovative products or services that make the world a better place.

4. More on the way soon!

So if you haven’t already got your ticket to TEDxTauranga sorted, how about you buy a Pay-it-forward ticket today so we can find someone less fortunate than you to join us?

Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing Team Lead