Just 15 days until tickets go on sale for TEDxTauranga 2017!

Quick Facts About TEDxTauranga 2017:

  • When?: Saturday 7 October 2017, 10am to 6pm
  • Where?: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • What?: 10 live speakers on stage + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day
  • Cost?: $100 per person (discounts available for students and seniors)
    • Tickets go on sale Fri 1 Sep 2017

We’ve had several awesome sponsors come on board in the last few weeks:

  1. NZME
  2. EventFinda
    • Have been doing our ticketing since our 2014 event, they just make things very easy, thanks EventFinda!
  3. Ignition Co-working Space
    • PriorityOne’s co-working space on Grey Street, Tauranga is a modern workspace which houses a collaborative and diverse community. Useful for when you need a quiet workspace for period of intense concentration. Useful for when you need inspiration and ideas, just reach out to your fellow co-workers and collaborate, seek/share advice and think outside the box. Thanks Ignition!
  4. Powerco
    • Are connectors. They connect your homes and businesses with electricity and gas and now they are back to connect you to our event with their sponsorship, thanks Powerco!
  5. Comvita
    • We’re just so proud that Comvita is so awesome and world famous from here in the Bay, and they are back year after year to help us put on this show, thanks Comvita!
  6. MacKenzie Elvin
    • Have been with us since the very beginning. Every year they come back with the question “What do you need? How can we help?” They’ve helped us set up our charitable trust, they just did the wills for my wife and I, and they provide a range of legal services that you might need. Thanks MacKenzie Elvin!

I need your help to spread the word:

  1. Who could you reach out to today to encourage them to join us for TEDxTauranga? (Send them to our email subscription page so we can keep them informed
  2. Could you put up a poster for us? Download and print out our A4 TEDxTauranga 2017 Poster (177Kb .pdf)


Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing Lead for TEDxTauranga 2017