Today we are 3 weeks away from our community’s opportunity to think, thrive, and transform at TEDxTauranga on 25 July 2015.

This event links Tauranga to the global phenomenon of TED where ‘ideas worth spreading’ unite people around in the world through inspiring stories.

TEDxTauranga will feature 10 speakers on stage with 3 live entertainment acts. (And we’ve been told that our all-day-catering is a big selling point too).

Whether you’re a TED talk connoisseur or a newbie to the format, the breadth and depth of the topics being covered at TEDxTauranga has something for everyone

If you’re interested in how cultural diversity affects a nation and its people:

  • Then you’ll want to see Ellis Bryers speak of his vision to see Maori cultural practices understood and utilised by all New Zealanders.

Some eye-opening TED talks on cultural diversity are:

If you’re interested in how scientific innovation can be used to make quality healthcare and equipment accessible to the vulnerable people who need it:

  • Then you’ll want to see Sir Ray Avery talk about his inventions such as the Lifepod Infant Incubator that uses technology to reduce mortality rates of premature babies.

Some mind-blowing TED talks on scientific innovation in healthcare are:

If you’re interested in how our food systems are coping in our changing ecology:

  • You’re going to want to see Dr David Pattemore talk about alternative pollination of our most important New Zealand crops.

Some thought-provoking TED talks on food systems and how they are changing are: