Ray Avery photoray-avery

Photo Credit: Newstalk ZB

This is Sir Ray Avery, a leading New Zealand scientist, innovator and inventor.

And we are confident that he will challenge you and prompt you to Think, Thrive and Transform when you see him live on stage during TEDxTauranga on 25th July 2015.

You might be interested in his TEDxAuckland talk in 2010:

The draft title for his TEDxTauranga 2015 talk is “Disruption, Innovation, Spin-offs. 3 reasons NZers are better at turning dreams into realities“.

Avery’s inventions include:

  1. Acuset IV Flow Controller: A device that facilitates the safe administration of potent IV drugs
  2. Lifepod infant incubator: A high-tech low-cost incubator that uses patentable technology to reduce the mortality rates associated with upper respiratory tract infections of premature babies
  3. Proteinforte: An amino acid based functional food used for the treatment and prevention of protein-energy malnutrition

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