During TEDxTauranga on Saturday I talked to several people from Hamilton that were interested in putting a team together to make a TEDx event in Hamilton.

I also talked to a few people from Rotorua who wanted a TEDx event for Rotorua.

To help get both of these events started, I’ve arranged a meeting in each city.

If you are based in either Hamilton or Rotorua (or know someone there that would like to be involved), register your interest with the contact person below and get to the first meeting if you can.

What you need to know before you join a TEDx team:

  • Everyone on the team is a volunteer, no-one gets paid
  • You will have so much fun
  • You will make friends for life
  • You will learn more about yourself then you think possible
  • You will learn a huge number of new skills
  • The experience will change your life

Sound good?


The next step is to call/txt/email either Quentin or Tamizan and come to the first meeting:


  • When: 12noon Wednesday 30 July 2014
  • Where: Momento North Cafe, 3 Ulster St, Hamilton
  • Your Contact:


  • When: 5.30pm Monday 11 August 2014
  • Where: Fat Dog Cafe, 1161 Arawa St, Rotorua
  • Your Contact:

All the best!


Sheldon Nesdale
Lead Organiser TEDxTauranga 2013/14/15