For TEDxTauranga, 30 July 2013 we will have 4 live speakers and 2 pre-recorded TED talks.

parchomchuk-family1. Dean Parchomchuk & Charlotte Yates

You’ll hear their amazing story of how they changed the lives of the people on a small tropical island of Tokelau by replacing their crippling dependency on diesel generated electricity with solar power.

Peter Blakeway2. Peter Blakeway

There are few people in this world more passionate about food. You’ll hear his amazing perspective on the choices we make when we put food in our mouths. You will think differently after this talk.


tommy-kapai3. Tommy Kapai

You’ll hear the amazing story of his life and, in particular, his startling, bold, global vision for preventing crime through story telling.



nik.gregg4. Nik Gregg

Want to live in a world served by compassionate business for the common good of humanity for the benefit of future generations? Good. We do too. Nik will show us the way.




Your emcee for the evening will be Sheldon Nesdale, the licence holder for TEDxTauranga.