Just 2 weeks until TEDxTauranga! It’s going to be awesome!

Good news, we’ve made room in our schedule for a 4th live speaker!

So the evening will be made up of 4 live speakers + 2 pre-recorded talks plus 3 sessions for mixing and mingling with other Tedsters like you that love hearing ideas worth spreading.


The last batch of invites for tickets goes out on Thursday morning so if you haven’t already, filled in the application form to get tickets to TEDxTauranga right now. This is your last chance!

Oh yea, one more thing: The organising team have been talking about the next TEDx event which might be as early as November 2013 (another 100 person event) + we are looking at July 2014 for a really big one (up to 1000 people).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could say “Yes, I went to the very first TEDxTauranga where it all started”?


Sheldon Nesdale
Head Organiser of www.tedxtauranga.com / Tuesday 30 July 2013

“Ideas worth spreading”
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